About Us

In August 2021, Jpcook.net was established to widely provide delicious Japanese food recipes to the world. How to use delicious Japanese ingredients effectively? We would like to take this opportunity to show the wonderfulness of Japanese foods.

Easy Cooking

JPcook.net explains how to use  Japanese ingredients to create delicious dishes. There are many delicious food products available from Japanese food manufacturers, but it is not well known to use them effectively. JPcook.net has professional Japanese chefs who let you know how to use them to make delicious Japanese foods.

As an Ambassador

JPcook.net’s goal is to serve as a goodwill ambassador for Japanese food manufacturers and Japanese grocery stores, and introduce a wide range of delicious Japanese food products. We would like to support the slogan “More of that taste of Japan” promoted by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and JETRO from the standpoint of using ingredients.

About Seki Water System LLC

JPcook.net is operated by Seki Water System LLC located in San Antonio, Texas. The company was established in 2018 by Ryotaro Seki (Ryo), a founder,  and provides marketing solutions as JU Marketing mainly for Japanese companies. Ryo had experienced ramen business in the ramen noodle manufacturer since 2013 and has well knowledge about  Japanese food products.