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Sushi Rice (Sumeshi)

How to Make Sushi Rice?Sushi rice is an essential ingredient in making your own sushi. How to make sushi rice? Our sushi professional lets you know...

Shoyu Ramen

How to Cook Tasty Shoyu Ramen? Shoyu ramen is one of the popular ramen in Japan. It is originated in Tokyo and very popular ramen kind nationwide....

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Noodles (Ramen, Udon)

Ramen has a lot of kinds. To cook tasty ramen in each kind, there are some special techniques. Our professionals teach you!


Sushi has a lot of depth and is loved by many people. Our professionals teach you how to make delicious homemade sushi.


Do you know “Donburi”? It is rice-based dishes like “Oyako Don” and “Katsu Don.” Many people love them. Let’s discover your favorite Donburi!

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